5 Reasonably Priced Upgrades for Your Yacht

If your yacht is more than a few years old, it may be time to consider a few upgrades. This doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank; instead, you can greatly improve your time out on the water by making some modestly priced improvements. Below are five upgrades that can be readily installed in your yacht.

1. Dedicated USB Outlets

In this day and age of mobile electronics, power cables that plug into USB outlets have become commonplace. While you can use a power "brick" adapter to connect your USB-powered device to a conventional AC outlet, these small devices can be easily lost or misplaced. That's why adding dedicated USB outlets to your vessel is an ideal, low-cost upgrade.

USB outlets are readily wired into an existing power supply on board a yacht. They draw low amounts of power, and the installation process is fast and unobtrusive. Best of all, USB outlets don't take up any additional interior space and can either replace existing outlets or be installed in other areas where it is convenient, such as next to beds or in bath areas. Aesthetically speaking, a variety of faceplate colors and finishes are available, so USB outlets can blend in with existing cabinetry or other surrounding decor.

2. Water Filtration System

Another reasonably priced upgrade that will help enhance life on board is a water filtration system. Too often, bottled drinking water must be brought aboard and stowed, thus restricting storage space. In addition, disposal of plastic wastes can be an ecological and logistical problem, which only adds to the hassles involved.

A built-in water filter can help eliminate the trouble caused by maintaining drinking water supplies. Dedicated watercraft purification systems can safely remove all harmful microorganisms and improve taste, and they operate without electrical connections and within ordinary water pressure levels.

3. Ventilation Fans

A hot, stuffy cabin is not a pleasant place to be, and that's why enhancing ventilation can be an important upgrade for spaces that lack sufficient air movement. Ventilation fans designed for use on board a yacht can be readily added to spaces that aren't naturally ventilated.

These small fans utilize fairly little power and are built to operate quietly and efficiently while providing a remarkable amount of air movement for their size. As with many of these other upgrades, ventilation fans can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles so that they tastefully match you'r yacht's interior.

4. Central Vacuum System

Keeping interior spaces tidy can be a challenge, especially if storage and movement space are limited. A vacuum cleaner is a hassle to stow and can be unwieldy to use within the confines of a boat.

As such, a central vacuum system can provide the perfect solution to the problem of having to carry a vacuum cleaner on board. Central vacuum  systems are installed within the existing space behind walls and lie flush with interior surfaces; these vacuum systems utilize a port that can be conveniently connected to any length of vacuum hose for use throughout interior areas. Once vacuuming is complete, the hose is neatly and compactly coiled for storage.

Solar Power

Solar power has come a long way since its invention, and rapid advances in silica and battery storage technology have made it a viable option for marine use. Solar panels are now more powerful and less-expensive than ever before, and they can be installed on board a yacht or boat for the purpose of augmenting or even replacing existing power supplies, in some instances.

Onboard solar power is an especially valuable upgrade for individuals away from shore for lengthy periods of time. Panels take advantage of the full sun available in many prime cruising locations and with the appropriate battery, controller and inverter are able to power devices such as flat-screen televisions, LED lighting and laptop computers.

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