Join the 20th Annual Summer Sailstice: June 20, 2020

Founded in February 2001 by John Arndt, the Summer Sailstice is a global, annual celebration of sailing held on the weekend nearest the summer solstice. The event is free to all participants and has grown from 200 boats signed up in 2001 to almost 5,000 boats today. Since many sailors join in the fun on many different boats, the actual number of Summer Sailstice sailors participating is estimated at almost 19,000 annually.

Everyone is invited once a year to hoist sails and celebrate sailing 'together'.  By doing so we showcase the best of what sailing has to offer while giving you a chance to connect with the global sailing community, grow your sailing programs, race your one-design fleet and generally do what you enjoy best.  With all of us doing it 'together' we also leverage all of our individual and organization efforts to offer the world a one-weekend snapshot of the sailing culture. Celebrating Summer Sailstice will also help the non-sailing world discover sailing, help connect sailors and connect more people to each other and to caring for the oceans and waters upon which they sail.  

When you sign up or create an event you become part of a global demonstration of sailing - whether it's open to the public or a private sail it all gives an insight of the world of sailing. You can sign up your regular club event, create a special event or just go for a sail or win a prize.  It's all about sharing one weekend of sailing 'together'. 

Because Summer Sailstice promotes togetherness while sailing on your own vessel, it's one of the only sailing events that hasn't been cancelled this year! See you there!

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