Sun50 UPF 50 face mask

Products We Love: Sun50 UPF Face Mask

Aug 24, 2020 11:15:00 AM

We wear our face masks every time we leave the house, but did you know a typical fabric mask only offers the equivalent sun protection of SPF 7? That means to protect your skin from harmful and damaging UV rays, you should be wearing sunscreen underneath your mask. Especially in the August heat, it's tempting to wear the lightest, most breathable mask you can find, but the looser the weave of the fabric, the worse it is at blocking UV rays.

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Jeanneau 64

How to Get a Boat Loan

Aug 10, 2020 12:24:00 PM

You've found the boat of your dreams and now it’s time to pull the trigger and make your boating dreams a reality—all that’s left to do is figure out how to get a boat loan. Don’t worry, this is every bit as easy as getting a car loan or similar financing.

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Products We Love: Ab Aeterno's Poseidon Collection

Aug 3, 2020 12:55:00 PM

If you haven't noticed, we're very passionate about protecting our oceans. Plastic waste in our oceans has become a massive problem in virtually every part of the world, which is seeing designers take a more prominent role in raising awareness with products like the AB AETERNO timepieces.

The watches are each designed and manufactured in Italy using a pound of plastic that has been sourced from the sea to put a focus on the ecological problem in a chic way. The timepieces come in several different model options for both men and women, and feature luxury looks without the need for precious materials or an equally high-end price tag.

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New Jeanneau 64

Should I Buy a New or Used Yacht?

Jul 20, 2020 12:45:00 PM

Deciding which yacht to buy can be tough. You have to decide on the right size, the right features, and the right price for your budget. To help you decide whether to buy a new or used yacht, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

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Jeanneau 64

What’s the Difference Between a Yacht and a Boat?

Jul 13, 2020 1:31:00 PM

Many boating enthusiasts use the words boat and yacht interchangeably when in reality, they are very different terms. A yacht is a larger, recreational boat or ship. The word “Yacht” comes from Dutch origin and was originally defined as a light, and fast sailing vessel used by the Dutch navy to find and capture pirates. A boat, on the other hand, is smaller in size and can be anything from a fisherman’s boat to a sailboat.

When determining the difference between a yacht and a boat, there are a few main deciding factors including:


As previously mentioned, size matters when it comes to differentiating between a boat and a yacht. Yachts can range from about 35 feet in length all the way up to 160+ feet in length, however, most will be somewhere in the middle. Anything over 160 feet would be considered a “Superyacht”. Boats are generally anywhere from 15-30 feet in length.

Where they can operate

Smaller boats are usually capable of operating in calm waters like lakes, rivers, and shallow harbors. Some larger boats, usually 20 – 30 feet in length, can also navigate more rough ocean waters. A yacht, on the other hand, is able to sail in deeper, ocean waters and deal with more turbulent seas. Due to a larger size, high tech yacht electronics and guidance instruments, protection from the elements, and a number of other features yachts are far more suitable for longer ocean trips.


While a boat can be operated by just one captain, a yacht sometimes requires a full crew to help with navigation, maintenance, electronics and engineering, repairs and stewards to cater to the passengers. Most modern yachts, however, are designed so they can easily be single-handed.


Depending on the boat, it may operate solely using a sail and the wind, or one or more inboard or outboard motors. While some larger boats can mount very large engines to create some real speed on the water, these engines do not match the power of most yacht engines. Yacht engines are much larger in size, can produce considerably more power – in some cases up to 800hp, and are capable of running much longer distances.

Navigation and technology

While some boats may have advanced marine electronics and navigation systems, it’s more of a requirement when it comes to yachts. When making trans oceanic trips it is not only important that you are able to navigate with precision, but also that you can detect other boats or objects that you may not be able to see and understand the performance of your vessel.

If you’re ready to look for your own yacht, contact us today or call us at (213) 260-0155.

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Jeanneau 64

Can I Afford A Yacht?

Jul 6, 2020 1:07:00 PM

Let's be honest, yachts are expensive.

Tiger Woods purchased his 155-foot yacht Privacy for $20 million—and that’s cheap by swanky yacht standards. There's also the average annual cost of operating your yacht which is 10% of the purchase price. That means that Tiger Woods is putting something on the order of $2 million per year into keeping his Privacy.

As of 2018, the most expensive yacht is the History Supreme, sporting a $4.5 billion price tag. Not too shabby, huh?

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Enjoying the Jeanneau 64

Your Yacht is a Tax Deduction

Jun 29, 2020 12:32:00 PM

What Savvy Yacht Owners Have Known For Years

Owning a yacht is a great experience that shouldn't be diminished by the difficulty of paying for it. For years, many savvy yacht buyers have been significantly reducing the cost of owning a yacht by placing their yacht in charter. This can allow you to write-off the purchase price of your yacht and deduct most ownership expenses like insurance, slip fee, and maintenance, against your employment income. In addition to providing a tax shelter, your yacht will also generate charter income to help offset other ownership expenses.

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Enjoying the Jeanneau 64

Is Buying a Yacht a Good Investment?

Jun 22, 2020 11:50:00 AM

Buying a yacht should be a lifestyle choice, not just a financial decision. If you love the ocean and dream of spending your days on the water, then a buying a yacht is a great investment in your own happiness which is impossible to put on a price on. However, if you want to learn more about what type of investment you can expect when buying a yacht, read on...

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SunPower® flexible solar panels

Products We Love: SunPower® Flexible Solar Panels

Jun 15, 2020 12:18:00 PM

Solar power has virtually no environmental impact. With no moving parts, solar panels are clean and silent, and produce no atmospheric emissions or harmful greenhouse gases. SunPower® flexible solar panels are lightweight and portable and can be easily installed on your bimini, dodger, or deck. They can also be connected together to custom build a system to suit your own boat and your own energy needs. 

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